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I am Dr. Jen King, the Privacy and Data Policy Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), where I research the intersection of information privacy, human-computer interaction (HCI), policy, and artificial intelligence.

I received my Ph.D in 2018 in information science at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, where I was advised by Professor Deirdre Mulligan and Professor Coye Cheshire. My dissertation focused on understanding why people make decisions to disclose their personal information using social exchange theory as a means to understand the power imbalances between individuals and companies. I used both qualitative (research interviews) and quantitative (a survey experiment) methods. The qualitative portion focused on interviewing women who used apps to track their pregnancies, as well as users of the direct to consumer genetic testing service 23andMe. Across both sets of participants, I also asked questions about their online search experiences. My dissertation was selected as the runner up in the Information Schools (I-Schools) Organization’s 2019 Best Dissertation Award.

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